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Pie Empire Freeloaders And All The Other Hometown Nonsense From Last Night’s Bachelorette Ep

Hometown visits are always a shit show but OMG they’ve really stepped it up a notch.

Well well well, we’re down to our last 3 boys gunning for that final rose and it has been a rollercoaster of emotion to say the least. But let’s start with the nonsense that Jackson’s dad was spouting at Angie. I mean, this man doesn’t understand that there’s more to life than a 9-5 job in the pie biz and I’d like to explore that.

So Pies Are Obvs The Be All And End All In The Garlick Fam

To be fair, Jackson did prep Angie by saying his dad was the boss at work and at home, but boy we didn’t expect what we got. Papa Garlo lives and breathes pies, and seems to be under the impression that Jackson is the exact same. He legit said there are zero days off in working for the fam business. I think the Fair Work Commission would have to disagree with you there mate.

But he really had it in for Angie for some reason. He seemed to be under the impression that being on a few reality TV shows means you’re just after money. Sorry Pops, but I don’t think pie empire gold diggers are a thing. And even if they were, Angie certainly isn’t one. She was none too happy with him insinuating this was the case:

“Excuse me?” – Angie Kent 2019

But in classic Angie style, not only did she put Jackson’s dad in his place, she managed to win him over at the same time. But doubts kept popping up from Pappa Bear about how Jackson being in a relationship would impact on his pie career and possibly whisk him to the far-away land of Queensland. All I could wonder is – does Jackson get a say in this or is it all up to Dad? He’s been working there since the age of 12 so I’m gonna go with probs not.

“Jackson’s not going anywhere, he’s staying right here.” – Mr Garlick of Garlo’s Pies

But Boomer career advice is just a slice of the madness that went down last night.

Here’s A Quick Rundown Of The Other Ridiculousness That Occurred

I will be using a list format because there was that many shenanigans of the dramatic variety that went down last night so I’ll save us all some time.

1. The Bachie boys have a serious case of terrible wingmen – both Timm and Carlin’s nearest and dearest well and truly tanked their connections with Angie. Apparently Timm is a loose party boi and Carlin is just in it for his acting career.

2. Ryan’s bro is a carbon copy of him – seriously I thought there was some kind of sneaky mirror action involved when they had a boys chat.

3. Carlin is in serious trouble after the whole acting career revelations from his bro.

4. Jackson goes home 🙁 – fair enough though tbh, it seems like Dad has his whole life mapped out without Angie or any gal being factored in. We will still miss your sweet pies kind sir.

5. No one seems to be able to talk in a proper romantic way anymore

I am so ready for next week but also not because Ryan seems to be in with an actual shot at winning this thing and he just can’t win. He lied about auditioning for Bachie previously and he’s SO VANILLA. TBH myself and the rest of Twitter wouldn’t even be mad if Angie pulled a Honey Badger at this point.

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