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Play it Again – i x Kendrick Lamar

Same old kid, new city. Kendrick Lamar is back on the scene with a fresh sound, but same cutting lyricism.

When Lamar’s new track, simply titled ‘i’, made it’s way onto SoundCloud a few weeks back it racked up over two million listens in less than 24 hours. Now breathe. If you, like us, were a fan of the debut record Good Kid, MAAD City this track isn’t going to be anything close to what you may be expecting. It has a largely funky groove to it, opening with a summery guitar riff – the upbeat feels a continuous theme throughout.

Kendrick exclaims during the chorus “I love myself!” Accompanied by muffled raps either side, giving off an urban and perhaps more radio-friendly beat. One thing Kendrick certainly hasn’t lost is his ability to spit some meaningful rhymes – “Dreams of realities peace, blow steam in the face of the beast” a pick of many. A deep bass-line sits subtly throughout the track and adds spades of vigour. There are actually a couple of break downs too, with almost a pre-bridge and bridge – it’s almost like light rock/urban tune with rap embedded through it.

The track is said to be the lead single of Lamar’s upcoming (as of the moment), untitled, album – due to be released late this year or early next. It’ll be interesting to see if this sound is the foundation for the album or simply one of many. It’s fresh and will probably some self-entitled ‘hardcore’ Kendrick Lamar fans who fell in love with GKMC. But we love artists pushing their, well, artistic boundaries – we can’t wait to dive into the next pool of Kendrick Lamar’s music.

Image Source: YouTube / KendrickLamarVEVO

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