PornHub Wants To Buy Tumblr, So What The Fuck 2019?

Yep, you read right. PornHub actually said they wanna buy Tumblr.

After Verizon bought Tumblr last year, it banned all sex stuff, including things like naked statues and fan art. It even specified “female-presenting nipples” (ugh, let’s not go there). Obviously heaps of drama because, well… we just like NSFW stuff okay?

Nah, more seriously than that, it ignored the fact that Tumblr was a safe space for people to explore sexuality, particularly for the LGBTQ+ community, without people actually having to be on porn sites. Plus, artists and sex workers had built communities for themselves on Tumblr that would be lost after the ban.

They put up the ban to get rid of porn, but heaps of users complained that the site was banning all sorts of unrelated content. There were of random posts disappearing that had nothing to do with NSFW content because the algorthim was shitty. And did the pornbots disappear? No. You had one job, Tumblr.

Tumblr ended up losing a lot of followers, and now rumour has it Verizon wants to get rid of it.

PornHub CEO Corey Price sent an email to Buzzfeed News saying that they’re “extremely interested” in buying it.

At first, this was pretty funny. PornHub saving the bees, giving kids scholarships, and now saving Tumblr users from having their smutty fan art banned? That’s almost heroic. Except, maybe it’s not that simple.

The NSFW ban may have been fucked (no pun intended) – but it was meant to help remove any child pornography on the site, which is obvs really serious. Banning artwork and fan art was a shitty side effect which definitely wasn’t fair – but you can’t ignore the threat of child porn. That’s pretty fucking bad.

Now, the thing is, PornHub wants to remove the NSFW ban and bring Tumblr back to its “former glory.” Maybe it sounds grand and noble but the truth is PornHub isn’t exactly focused on not sexualising young people.

Of course, we don’t actually know what would happen if PornHub took over Tumblr, but Tumblr users are super divided on the issue.

Some are pretty chill, and dare I say optimistic about it:

Whereas others are worried about the implication’s PornHubs “teen” category may have on it’s stance on child porn.

TechCrunch has been raising concerns on how PornHub might deal with user’s art and creations, and exploitation of work.


We’ll just have to see where this goes, but honestly? This year has been such a shit show that nothing can surprise me anymore. Pornhub wants to buy Tumblr, politicians keep getting egged… what else you got in store for us 2019

Image Source: PornHub, GIPHY, Twitter: @JoshConstine, @kateleth, Tumblr: @tsoki

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