So We’ve Already Broken The Record For The Hottest Day And The Heatwave Has Only Just Started

We had our hottest day on record yesterday but it’s likely to get broken again real soon.

There’s a heat wave en route from country’s west and it’s already creating some worryingly high temps. The ABC has reported that Australia had it’s hottest national average temperature yesterday – 40.9 degrees Celsius. A bunch of places had some seriously scorching temps, particularly inland parts of Queensland, SA and the NT (we’re talking 45 degrees plus).

Yikes That Is Hot

If that’s not hot enough, parts of the South Australian outback are forecast to reach 49C tomorrow. Eastern parts of Aus are set to receive some blistering temps too, with suburbs in Sydney’s west forecast to get up to 45 degrees. So even though we’ve broken the previously held record from 2013, it pretty likely that record will get broken again pretty dang quick.

The most terrifying thing about the powerful wave of heat that’ll hit us in the coming days is the impact it will have on firefighting efforts. Leave your BBQs unlit and parked under the patio coz there’s a total fire ban in place until at least Saturday, and for good reason. The mega-fire currently burning in Wollemi NP has burnt through more than 400,000 hectares of bushland already (which is a heck of a lot). There’s also the hundred-odd other bushfires burning throughout NSW, plus even more around the country.

Take care of yourselves, ya kiddies, the oldies, your fur babies and each other. We’re set for a scorcher of a week.

Image source: Pixabay (Pexels)

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