Subtle Tricks You Need To Know When You Next Go Grocery Shopping

Always *clap* check *clap* how much it costs by 100g *clap*

Everyone seems to have this problem where they walk into Woollies with a grocery list and budget, and somehow end up leaving with a million extra things that they didn’t mean to buy. Honestly, I’m a sucker for specials – but being grocery savvy actually has a lot more to it (if you work in grocery retail or retail merchandising I’m sure you know all too well).

So here are some grocery hacks you need so you can save some $$$.

#1 Look At How Much The Item Costs Per 100g

Okay, I’ve put this one first because if there’s anything you should be doing when grocery shopping, it’s this! Don’t just think “oh this jar of peanut butter is $1.50 and this one is $1.80 – I’ll just get the cheaper one.” Check how much the item is per 100g – it’ll be in small writing under the actual price. More often than not, the supposedly cheaper item is actually more expensive per 100g, but it’s just been packaged in a smaller amount.

#2 Buy Your Fruits Individually Rather Than Packaged

I know it’s just super convenient to buy your capsicums in a neatly packaged trio, but you actually end up paying more for it. Instead, by your fruits and veggies from the pile of individual ones rather than the prepackaged ones, and watch your end total be a lot less.

#3 Check The Back Of Any Receipts Lying Around

Does anyone actually use the coupons on the backs of their receipts? Make sure you have a look at that crunched up collection of receipts in the bottom of your grocery bag – most people don’t realise sometimes they can have coupons for grocery stores. Same goes for any old newspapers you have lying around – voila! Instant savings.

#4 Walk To The Shops

I do this a lot. If I walk to the shops, then I can only buy as much as I can carry (which for me is really not a lot). It means when I end up getting a little too crazy and over-buying, I have to make the cut-throat decision of what I actually end up purchasing based on what I can actually walk home with. It usually ends up in me ditching the extras and sticking to my grocery list.


#5 Go To Bakeries For Your Bread

The wonderful thing about bakeries is they bake their bread fresh daily – which means they need to get rid of all the stuff from the night before. If you go at the end of the day you’ll find super cheap specials of “old” bread that needs to go out before the next day. And even if you get the “day old” bread, it’ll still be way more fresh than anything you get at the regular grocery shop.

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