These Delish Dessert Markets Are Coming To Sydney, So Don’t Tell Your Dentist

Om nom nom.

Unbutton those pants all you dessert fiends, because Vivid is bringing you the epic Milk ‘n’ Sugar Dessert Market – opening up shop May 24th-26th from 6pm to 11pm each night.

This three night adventure ensures the best of all worlds: free entry, an array of Vivid light installations, and the craziest desserts you can imagine. Yumx10000.

The markets will serve up pools of gelato from the award-winning Cow & The Moon, macaroon sliders (I KNOW), waffle tacos, fairy floss Fruit Loop Ice Cream burritos, the most insane milkshakes, and much more. No typos.

If you’re vegan or gluten free don’t fret, there are plenty of sneaky options for you as well. From dairy-free vegan sorbet to gluten free doughnuts, there’s bound to be some pretty spectacular treats on offer.

This is a sweet deal (literally), so it’s bound to be crowded. I’d suggest skipping over dinner and arriving early, because there is that much on offer (did I mention light-up doughnuts?!).

In case all that wasn’t enough, there will be a live DJ so you can shake off the calories by dancing the night away. Although look, I wouldn’t worry about the calories too much – it’s time to bulk up for winter, right?

Great for groups and perf for a date night, it’s a must visit if you’re in Syd. Picture this, a romantic night under the dessert installation lights stuffing your face. That’s love.

Count me in.

Image Sources: Milk ‘n’ Sugar Facebook,

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