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TripAdvisor Names It’s Top Destinations For 2017 So Pack Your Bags

Have you got a little leave saved up or are blessed with the negative leave system? Lucky you. Or perhaps you’re even considering quitting your job for a jaunt abroad; you do you and eat pray love if you need. Every good trip rests on a foundation of research before you leave and attitude once you hit the ground. Thanks to the savvy bunch at TripAdvisor, they’ve combed through all those wordy reviews to name the best destinations all over the world. So jet setters and wanderers, go forth and explore.

Bali, Indonesia 

Taking the top position according to travellers is Bali, all idyllic seaside and endless drinks. We suspect the ongoing flights at ridiculously cheap prices have a little something to do with it, paradise it seems is only one Jetstar flight away. If you’re looking for luxury without the eye watering room charges, Bali offers extravagance for less. Bintang singlet purchase is not compulsory.

London, United Kingdom 

A trip to the motherland is a right of passage for many an Aussie and with so much happening in the city of double decker buses and high tea, you can see why people rate it so highly. One day you’ll be shopping up a storm on Oxford St with a grime show by night and the next you’ll be waiting for the Queen to wave your way or catch the eye of a wandering Prince. It’s known for being exxy but let’s be real you won’t be spending much time in your hotel room anyway.

Paris, France 

The city of amour and croissants romanticises travellers all over the world, making itself the top destination on a whole lot of bucket lists. Peruse the galleries, break the softest of bread and enjoy the local culture as you explore this city of immense history. For a top three spot it’s not as expensive as you may think, but look to local areas beyond the Champs-Élysées and you’ll save a enough for a solid red wine budget while there.

Rome, Italy

Next to a plethora of gelato slurping tourists you’ll find cobblestone expanses and ruins from another time, Roma will enchant you. Visit the home of Gladiator, eat pizza by the slice and twirl pasta well into the night – it’s not called the eternal city for no reason. A mix of history and charm worth the tourist price tag.

New York City, U.S.

Despite the concern stateside, travellers are still captivated by the bustle of NYC. Glittering lights, never-ending going out options,  an unrivalled busy-ness and cultural intersection that sees visitors wrapped up in the city gridlock for days on end. To save on your stay options, look beyond Park and 5th in favour of more eclectic boroughs. If safety is a concern, let the experiences and reviews of travellers before you guide your way, so you don’t end up a TripAdvisor horror story yourself.

Crete, Greece 

An island paradise is only hours away, sidestepping the tourist hotspots of Mykonos or Santorini for a calmer option. Luxury hotels and resorts dot the island’s shores and local fare wafts through the streets, so you can lounge by day and gorge by night. Getting here is the main expense, but once you’re on shore it’s incredibly reasonable to rest your head. Your Greek sun tan is only a few clicks away.

Barcelona, Spain 

A city carved with artistry in mind, you’ll find mosaicked walls and head turning buildings all through the city. They’ve mastered their day with the help of a scheduled daily nap and it would be rude not to partake in siesta while you visit. As a result invest a little more in a comfy bed, so you don’t end up sleeping yourself to a crisp at Barceloneta beach.

Siem Reap, Cambodia 

Once a hidden wonder, the secret of Cambodia has well and truly been shared with savvy travellers. It’s dirt cheap to explore the ancient mastery and stay in one of the newer establishments nearby. The temples are impeccably preserved making for a trip to another time with each visit.

Prague, Czech Republic


The Eastern European city that convinced travellers to venture beyond Germany on their euro trips, Prague is all charm. Home to the green fairy liquor and steeped in history, from the Old Town Square, across the Charles Bridge and up to the castle. You can see the influence of many a regime over the city and the modern tinges in the way of bars and restaurants a plenty. Staying here is extremely affordable, just pick somewhere close to the party district so you don’t have to wander the streets aimlessly after a night out.

Phuket, Thailand 

A vibrant spectacle of azure blue waters begging to be swum in and lush green expanses, Thailand is much more than just a party destination. Active travellers can surf the wind, sail by the shore and explore below the surface; while those who prefer relaxing poolside with cocktail in hand – the hotels here are sublime. Why not splurge on a resort experience here? Your dollar will stretch a whole lot further here then back home.

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