Vox Pop – Dominique Hermo

Name: Dominique Hermo
Age: 23
Occupation/title: Paralegal
Industry: Law

Coccaine breakout in major sport. A small minority, or do a lot more participate?

Of course! Who knows what drugs athletes are abusing (ahem Lance Armstrong got away with it for how long?) They need to crack down on drugs across the board. These people have chosen to use their bodies as their career and they have a responsibility to maintain their bodies at peak performance. Test positive rip up their contract, simple.

Australian intelligence system. New national security measures were announced this week – will they make you feel safer?

Hard to say, let’s give it a few months.

Glenn McGrath hunting photos from 2008. Was the former cricketer wrong to pose in front of dead animals or has social media blown it out of proportion?

This is a pretty sticky situation. I personally don’t like hunting, so seeing anyone pose in front of any animal is confronting. However, I do appreciate some people do enjoy it as a past time and I shouldn’t pass judgement (so long as it is within the laws of hunting). In saying that, McGrath needs to accept that he is a public figure and his actions have repercussions. I don’t know it’s a tough one but he needs to understand that he is a recognizable figure in Australian culture (if not the whole cricketing world) and that’s a considerable factor.

Americans are struggling more with paying off student debt, than houses. With new university laws in Australia, are we on the same course?

My fear of moving out of home is becoming more and more terrifying. I am constantly worrying about how I am going to juggle paying a mortgage alongside my HECS debt and bills. I don’t understand why anyone thinks this is a good idea?

What do you legitimately care more about – Oscar winners or the fashion/production?

For me it’s pretty 50/50. It’s nice to see the gents all suited up and the beautiful fashion taken off the runway and onto the red carpet. But at the same time, all the nominees are apart of such amazing films and it’s awesome to see some of the top films I’ve watched in the past year get some recognition.

David Hicks terror claims quashed. US court rejected Hicks broke the law by attending al-Qaeda training camps as he did so before 2006 when new laws came in – should he have been charged?

Absolutely! Anyone who seeks out a terrorist organisation to train with obviously doesn’t have the well-being of his fellow man and woman at the forefront of his mind. I read there are calls for compensation and an apology, how about he compensates all the families who have lost loved ones as a result of this ridiculous organisation.

Was Tony Abbott right in saying that more Muslims should speak out publicly and distance themselves from terror attacks?

Absolutely not! Every time a Christian commits a crime should I stand up and say “I’m not with that guy”? We need to stop assuming that people belonging to a particular race/culture/religion etc share the exact same collective values and beliefs collectively. I am Catholic but don’t identify as strongly as other Catholics, should people assume that, because I’m Catholic, I believe the exact same things as all Catholics in the world?

Samsung Galaxy 6 is set for unveiling. Simply, iPhone, Galaxy (or something else?)

I am certain that smart phones are programmed to self-destruct every two years! I find it strange my service provider calls me and informs I am eligible for an upgrade (for only an extra $78 per month) and then my phone throws a tantrum and deletes all my music and crashes sporadically. So these updates make me a little sceptical of how soon after the launch my phone will begin to crash again.

Do you stand with Gillian Triggs? Or do you believe she should heed the Attorney General’s call to resign from her Australian Human Rights Commission President role?

Another pretty confusing situation, on the fence for now.

New Ghostbusters cast as all women – yay or nay?

Yay! I think we need some diversity in our films! All these remakes see similar actors cast for the role. Let’s mix up the classics a bit!

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