Why This Lasagna Is The Least Of Our Problems When It Comes to Gender Reveals

Gender reveals are a fun excuse for a party. Like the announcement of a birth wasn’t exciting enough, they allow us to celebrate the life of a new teeny-tiny human whilst marvelling over its gender and stuffing our faces with all types of pink or blue coloured snacks – guilt free. Did you know you can find recipes for ‘newborn baby devilled eggs’ on Pinterest? Ya know gender reveals are getting out of hand when parents start getting creative with hardboiled eggs.

After finding this devilled egg situation is actually a thing, it’s clear to us that parents willingly go to the ends of the Earth to throw the most extravagant gender reveals. They resort to the most ridiculous themes in an attempt to throw the most impressive party – good enough to get the mother’s group really talkin’.

But the latest gender reveal attempt has us cringing all sorts. By tossing out the normally delicious layer of mozzarella cheese with blue cheese (ew why does this even exist), these parents announced the gender of their soon-to-be baby boy with a freaking lasagna. But what if it were a girl? What kind of cheese then, huh?

But all jokes aside, whilst everyone is going to town about this couple’s dare I say ‘cheesy’ take on the gender reveal trend, they’re totally overlooking the bigger issue at hand. It’s time to talk about the ridiculousness of gender reveals in general and why they’re so freaking problematic, whether one likes blue cheese or not.

When you dig beneath the surface and look beyond the blue bowties or the pink cake pops, or blue cheese lasagna for that matter, these trends are really just reinforcing generalisations of boys and girls most of us didn’t even know existed. Blue cheese lasagna is literally the least of our issues when we are confronted with gender ideas like ‘lumberjack or jill’, ‘lures or lace’ and ‘guns or glitter’. Do we really need to contrast a lumberjack with his housebound wife?

I think the striking thing about these gender reveals, the reason they’re often so difficult to stomach, is that they’re so obviously throwing a bunch of predetermined interests and generalisations at a child. Problematic in and of itself yes, but made a thousand times worse when the kid hasn’t even drawn its first breath.

To contrast the opposing genders with ‘lure or lace’ or ‘guns or glitter’ simply implies that a girl’s gender can be condensed down to one, materialistic signal of femininity. Likewise for the boy, that his gender is assigned to an action of what we consider to be ‘traditionally’ masculine. One thing I also for the life of me cannot overlook is that more often than not these ‘boy or girl’ ideas are two words that contrast two things. The first is an item requiring an action and the second is a material item. Take ‘baseballs and bows’ and ‘wheels or heels’ for example.

There is a high chance that parents take these themes with a grain of salt and expect the rest of the world to look on, baring in mind that themes are mostly based off a play on words or convenient rhymes. But I cannot seem to wonder why in an age so heavily censored by political correctness these gender reveal themes even exist, let alone feature increasingly more on my Instagram and Pinterest feeds.

Image Source: Giphy, Pinterest, Scary Mommy Webpage

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