Y’all Really Think Matt Agnew’s Geminid Meteor Shower Post Is About #ImAGemini Abbie Chatfield

JFC some of you need to chill.

It’s been seven months since our 2019 Bachelor, Matt Agnew, made his final choice. Seven long months since we were treated to the most iconic reality TV breakup ever.

It’s been even longer since we started worshipping at the shrine of #I’mAGemini Abbie Chatfield.

And some of you just won’t let the reality television couple go.

That latest in the ‘Matt+Abbie=4eva’ conspiracy theories stem from an Instagram post from the hot-nerd-doctor himself talking about a meteor shower.

The name of said shower? Geminid.

Geminid. Like Gemini. But with a ‘D’. There’s something in that, right?

It seems that a few fans forgot one thing. This guy is a major nerd. He’s got a PhD. In astrophysics.

In other words, he’s a nerd for stars. And the Geminid meteor shower is the biggest of the year. A “cosmic light show” of up to 30 meteors per hour, NASA says.

The cloud coverage was not a metaphor for having clouded judgment, as some followers suggested. It’s just meteorology.

“Didn’t walk away empty-handed” isn’t referring to the Bachelor and the Gemini Queen. It’s referring to capturing a (quite good) time-lapse of the daybreak and spending a night under the stars. Which, need I say again, really get Dr. Agnew going.

This is not a cryptic code for “I love u, Abbie”. There are no metaphors involved. Nothing to be read into. No lines to look between.

If he were an English major, maybe. But, really, there’s nothing to analyse here.

Some things you really just gotta let die – like he Bachie romance. Especially since they’re both clearly over it. Let the romance burn up in a dazzling light display that shines across the night sky if only for a second, then to disappear forever (now that’s a metaphor).

Image Sources: @NASA (Twitter), @drmattadnew (Instagram); @abbiechatfield (Instagram)

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