5 New Melbourne Bars Worth Your Precious Time

Tired of pulling up a stool at the local? Fret no more, Melbourne’s knack for fine establishments burgeons many a new bar to wet your whistle in style. From bars steeped in history to venues reinvented and a roaring tribute to the green fairy; Melbourne’s newest will win you over with one single pour. A mid week tipple is all but justified or let it fill your weekend with novel plans.

#1 Melbourne Whisky Room

There’s something so wonderfully intriguing about a bar hidden from the gaze of passersby. What exactly goes on behind those walls? Well, why not find out for yourself. Only those in the know will get to sip from a curated list of 50 malted tastes on offer. Perched on top of Whisky and Alement, a destination amber aficionados will already know, their newest outpost will focus on affordable swigs and celebrate rarities. So you can sip in seclusion and drink by the dram.

#2 House of Correction

The name alludes to a time well before it’s current incarnation, once a death mask proprietor or more recently home to a racy porn cinema. House of Correction the name encompasses a ripe and colourful history, it’s new direction is bright and innovative. A space with clinical starkness and enchanting retro finishes, without a kitsch item in sight. You’ll be wooed by the drinks list, served up on a medical file menu and riddled with house made touches. Savour the navy strength gin cocktail sallied by grapefruit and vermouth.

#3 Mahalo Poké

The cubed fare fascinating health bloggers and sushi lovers alike, this new outfit will take your love affair to saucy new heights. Once an UberEats only offering, their new outpost will marry the bowled beauty of Japanese and Hawaiian fusion and beer. Or wine, kombucha or cold brew, for you to down. Oh what truly wonderful pairings. The dinner menu goes beyond poké with a selection of burgers holding fried chicken, pineapple, bacon and wasabi slaw between Hawaiian buns. A drinks spot with a menu to keep you drinking longer, what’s not to love.

#4 Hopscotch

A riverside stop where beer reigns supreme and to prove they’re serious about their froth there’s a microbrewery on site. His name is Frank, in case you were wondering. But it doesn’t stop at pints, the space is a neon-lit dream where you are your own bartender. No, you won’t get to toggle at the 30 boutique beers on tap for yourself, but you can play mover and shaker with a DIY cocktail kit. Espresso martinis abuzz or pina coladas for those with vacation on their mind, mixing your own drink is a scroll halting distraction bound to entertain the whole table.

#5 Absinthesalon

A place where the little green fairy dusts every shelf, and no we don’t mean Tinkerbell. The Absinthesalon has finally taken up residence in Melbourne, after the success of it’s Sydney institution. With 36 potent varieties on offer, ranging from French made swills to the locally brewed. Take a step back in time as your favourite Parisian thinkers once did and have a night you’ll most certainly not recall.

Image source: Whisky And Alement, Concrete Playground, Hunting For George, Mahalo Poke, Where To Tonight, The World Loves Melbourne, Hopscotch Melbourne.

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