Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Gets Album Of The Decade

Hell YE.

Ah, Kanye West. Controversial as ever, he’s really been stepping up the PR shambles – remember when the worst thing he ever did was have beef with Taylor Swift?

Kanye’s changed a lot since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy came out – there’s the MAGA hat, his relationship with Trump, his family with Kim Kardashian, his rebirth into Christianity… the list goes on.

But despite all the BS, there’s a reason Kanye still has such a huge and loyal fanbase – because you cannot deny his creative genius.

The Rolling Stones and Billboard just placed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as the #1 Album of the 2010s, on top of Lemonade.

Forget the meltdowns and the Trump support and all the rest of the drama for a second – this album was about police brutality, societal breakdown and most importantly, about Kanye’s own inability to stay away from controversy, and despite being at the end of the decade, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is still as relevant as ever.

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