Sophie Turner Made Joe Jonas Binge Every Harry Potter Movie Before They Dated, And That’s The Tea

Celebs, they’re just like us.

Game Of Thrones, Joe Jonas, Wingardium Leviosa – what do these three things have in common? Stay with me.

We’re all stuck in lockdown, and even though restrictions are slowly easing back in some states over the next few days, we still can’t quite get back to the outside world. Well, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have been on that binge watching train, along with building Lego sets – and honestly, same.

But the tea here really is the rules Sophie had before dating Jonas. Joe revealed to James Cordern that before the pair started dating back in 2016, Sophie had some strict conditions; Joe had to binge watch every Harry Potter movie.

Which he happily did (of course, who could say no to Sophie Turner!). And while they’ve been quarantining, Joe has been introducing Sophie to the world of Lord of the Rings, with Joe saying that this was his own rule for Sophie. Pretty fair, in my eyes – and what a combo.

Wholesome AF

@joejonas🔮♬ Harry Potter Theme Song – Ost

To make things even more relatable, the couple have been building Lego sets while they watch their fave movies during iso. Including a 7,000 piece Hogwarts Castle complete with Yule Ball dancers and the Hogwarts Express (WHERE CAN I GET THIS), three Lord of the Rings sets, the Batmobile, and a Stranger Things set. The pair have also been very active on TikTok, sharing their Lego building adventures on Joe’s account. They’re pretty impressive!

One Year Later

Today marks the one year anniversary of the couple spontaneously running off to Vegas to get married, and Joe isn’t letting coronavirus ruin their plans to celebrate. If you can’t go to Vegas, bring Vegas to you! Joe explained his plans to James Cordern, saying “if you can keep a secret, I would say I might try to recreate Vegas in our house. I have a DJ set up. We could do a night club”. It seems the pair had planned to return to Vegas to celebrate their anniversary, but due to the heavy lockdowns in place across America, this ain’t going to be possible. But seriously bless them both and their cute lives.

There have also been rumours going around since February about the couple expecting their first child together, but neither have confirmed the news yet. So until they do, we wait in eager anticipation. How cute would that baby be!

Image Source: Facebook (Joe Jonas)

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