The New ‘Looking For Alaska’ Series Is Really Freaking Good And So Is It’s Soundtrack

Tween me is so excited rn.

This weekend Stan dropped teen series ‘Looking For Alaska‘ based on John Green’s hit novel and it’s so freaking good.

The novel of the same name which was published in 2005, had wide eyed tweens reading the risqué sex scenes under the covers and crying into the pages of certain chapters. Green’s novel purveyed a beautiful message about the importance of living in the moment and the series definitely does Green’s message justice.

Looking For Alaska is the new The Fault In Our Stars, which was another hugely successful John Green novel turned screenplay. Green creates interesting and diverse characters and places them in deep and important storylines. Much like The Fault In Our Stars, this is translated onto the screen in Looking For Alaska through careful casting and beautiful cinematography.

Twitter is also loving the show just as much as we are.

The show is created, written and produced by Josh Schwartz, and i’m just going to say it, this guy is an artistic legend. Schwartz clearly understands the teenage experience better than anyone in the biz. He is best known for creating and producing The O.C. and developing Gossip Girl. Both of these series’ are arguably two of the best teen dramas ever created, and honestly, Looking For Alaska could be up there with them. This guy just gets it.


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I’m calling it now, Alaska’s character is going to be this generation’s Penny Lane in Almost Famous. She is equal parts cool, beautiful, mysterious and damaged. Every 15-year-old who read the novel fell in love with her unique character and she is just as amazing on screen.


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It’s absolutely worth mentioning that this series has a fire soundtrack. The tracklist features songs from OG alt-rock legends like The Strokes, Modest Mouse and Bloc Party. There’s also a super dreamy cover of Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Take Me Out,’ that gives me chills. Check out the full tracklist for yourself, below.

Happy bingeing, kids.

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