Ash Barty Stays A Humble Queen Even After Record-Breaking Pay Day

The Barty Party kicks on!

If you haven’t RSVP’d to the Barty Party yet, you are officially cordially invited. And there is no better time to get on board as our humble tennis queen makes history.

The Australian (and world) champ took out the Shenzhen finale against Ukrainian Elina Svitolina (6-4 6-3) to not only climb back to top spot and pocket a nice $6.4 million payslip.

It’s the biggest winning any tennis player, male or female, has won in the history of the game. Serena, Rafa, Maria, Roger, Victoria, and Novak’s single tournament winnings haven’t come close to our girl. Love this for you, Ash!

The Shenzen finale and huge prize-win caps off a dream season for Barty that achieved 56 wins from 68 matches, a maiden grand slam crown at the French Open, and a debut at #1.

And if there was any concern that this huge winning would change our favourite tennis icon and national role model, there’s no need. She’s as humble as ever.

After the match, Barty said “I’ve got everything I need” and said she plans to use her six-million-dollars on her niece and nephew. Lucky ducks.

It sounds like she’s keen to fit them with little three-year-old and six-year-old sized tennis kits since “they already run around with a racquet.”

So cute!

So, look, I mean the amount of zeros you have in the bank account doesn’t change how I’m going to spend my off-season and spend time with my family.

She told the AAP in Shenzhen that “spending genuine time” with her family is the biggest thing she misses throughout the year.

It’s great that I can buy them things that they love but I live a pretty simple life. I’m not living an extravagant life.

She’s just proud that WTA’s breaking records and that her work is “putting tennis on the map”. And so are we, Ash, so are we.

“I feel like we’ve earned that right to be recognised more as a global sport.”

Just add this to all the other reasons why we love, and will always love, Ash Barty.

Number 1 in tennis, and number 1 in our hearts.

Image Sources: Ash Barty (Twitter)

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