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The Craziest Spotify Wrap Ups We’ve Seen So Far

Big Time Rush as artist of the decade – BIG YES.

I’m sure you’re sick of seeing people’s 2019 and decade wrap ups on Spotify, but there are some gems hidden amongst the people subtely flexing their taste in music. We’ve found the best wrap ups from across Twitter for your enjoyment.

1. The Genres Confusing The Hell Out Of People


2. People Discovering “Pop Rap” Is A Thing

3. The Songs People Didn’t Realise They Were Jamming To A LOT

4. The Reaction Of Apple Music Users

5. These Hot Takes On Their Top Tunes

MINIONS?? Is nothing sacred???

6. And This Is Just A Bit Of An Ooft

7. The Meme Lords We Kinda Didn’t See Coming

Politicians are great at throwing shade.

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