Vox Pop – Jake Renzella

Each week Vox Pop chats to millennials from all over Australia, getting their opinion on current trending news from around the globe. Short, sharp opinions that are straight to the point. No side-stepping here.

Name: Jake Renzella

Age: 21

Occupation: Computer Science Student/University Tutor.

US Presidential debate wonderfully entertaining or frightening insight into the future?

It’s completely frightening! It seems like the US election is treated like a spectator sport, with little regard as to how the next few terms could impact the nation and the world.

Two huge Grime acts have cancelled their Australian tours in as many weeks, money hungry play or are we just too far away?

This has been an ongoing occurence for a long time, in reality it’s probably not mutually exclusive, but it really does suck.

‘Prankster’ who manhandled Gigi Hadid and Kim K, cheap laugh or assault misconstrued as a prank?

I had to go have a look at these videos… there’s no way was what he did should be seen as a prank. Definitely straight up assault and hopefully there is some legal ramification coming his way.

Monster storm in South Australia wiped out the whole state’s power, poor infrastructure or are we too whiny on the east coast when it comes to storms?

I have strong feelings against the reactive nature of public infrsastructure in Australia, and I think we need to be properly investing and looking after our utilities nation wide, however nature sometimes hits hard, so as long as we learn whatever we can from the event, there may not be much more we can feasibly do.

Pharma-douche Martin Shrikelli is offering a chance to punch him in the face for $50,000 US, stunt or deserved hit?

What he did should be illegal and he shouldn’t be on the recieving end of any publicity stunt, as I think it distracts the discourse from what he actually did.

Australia relaxed it’s laws on drones this week, are drones a superb piece of tech or privacy risk?

Drones are awesome! While I can see potential privacy concerns may be justified, I don’t think drones provide any more violations to privacy than CCTV, video cameras etc.

Long Weekend is playing host to two grand finals this weekend, who’s your pick for each?

Definitely the Dogs! and I think I would be forced out of Melbourne if I didn’t go for The Storm.

Senator Nick Xenophon is asking for people to email him info about the gambling industry so he can push for an inquest, publicity stunt or honestly trying to help addicts?

I can’t comment on Xenophon’s motivations, but I agree that things need to be done in regards to gambling.

Common painkillers Ibuprofen have been linked to heart disease in a huge study of over 10 million people, will you stop using or doesn’t bother you?

I don’t take painkillers like Ibuprofen, but I always try to live my life, learning whatever it is that I can from the information we as a society generate and have access to, ie if I did take them, I would stop.

Known feminist Clementine Ford this week said “there’s something really toxic about the way men bond in Australia,” in reference to male banter about women in private circles and online forums. Do you agree or only one side of the story?

I think that Clementine and people like her are more interested in pushing their own agenda, and actually damage the legitimicy of real feminism. I do see a real need for complete equality, but this is not it.

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