You Can Now Break The Ice Over An Apocalyptic Adventure With Tinder Swipe Night

Because nothing says romance like end of the world.

On October 6th, at 6pm LA time, U.S. Tinder users will be the first to participate in Swipe Night. The interactive adventure is designed to bring matches together based on their apocalyptic choices.

In case you’re a little confused about the intertwining of the end of the world and the beginning of romantic relationships;  can I remind you of Jessie Eisenberg and Emma Stone’s characters in Zombieland? Will Smith and the german shepherd in I Am Legend? Anyway, if flirting over the apocalypse gets you all hot and bothered, (don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it), then Tinder has you covered.

The Break Down

So, from 6pm til midnight any active user in the U.S. can log on and experience the first-person, interactive apocalypse story. The Swipe Night story follows a group of friends played by Angela Wong Carbone (Chinatown Horror Story) and Jordan Christian Hearn (Inherent Vice). The main character Shea Garbor is led by you. The choices you make will affect who you match with in the future and what you will discuss with your new flirts.

You have seven seconds to make practical choices and decisions regarding moral dilemmas. The critical choices that you make will be added to your profile after each Swipe Night release. (So you no longer need to think up another name-pun, or rely on a Joey GIF as a conversation starter.)

The Team Behind Swipe Night

Swipe Night is the product of a pretty impressive crew of filmmakers. Drake’s go-to music video director Karena Evan’s was poached for the project. Evan’s worked alongside accomplished screenwriters Nicole Delaney (Big Mouth, Netflix) and Brandon Zuck (Insecure, HBO). If it’s anything like Big Mouth or Insecure, we’re expecting to be ROFLing hard as we swipe.

When Is Australia’s Swipe Night?

Sadly, there is no set date for any international Swipe Nights as of yet. However, Tinder has said they would love to bring Swipe Night to members around the world in the near future. The U.S. users are the designated test dummies, to let Tinder designers know what worked and what didn’t. We imagine, if the Swipe Night launch is a success, it will be coming down under very soon. Follow the hashtag ‘#SwipeNight’ on Twitter and Instagram to see what our friends across the ocean are saying about it.

Image Sources: GIPHY, Tinder 

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